Mary’s Diner, Vancouver 2019

Mary’s Diner, Vancouver 2019


The woman shaped her hands and fingers together into a heart.

Young and smiling and happy. Ellie played the video again. A beach, evening, sunset, a young woman runs towards her and blows a kiss towards her before shaping her hands. Over and over. Heart-shaped. Ellie tapped her glass with the tip of her fingernails before pouring more whiskey into the tumbler. She took a sip savouring the malty alcoholic tang as it slipped down her throat.

She moved the cursor and clicked the cross in the corner of the browser window. The video disappeared. Ellie pushed the lid down on the laptop and looked out through the empty office space. No one seemed that concerned. She’ll be back, they said. She’s young, having a good time. You worry too much.

I just need to do this, she’d said before she kissed her. I’m not sure about how I feel.

Ellie felt the sting of heartache. She was younger, that was true but did that matter?

She picked up her leather jacket that was slung over the shoulders of her chair. The air-con was fierce even at night. She pulled the jacket on and wrapped a narrow wool scarf around her neck. Perfume. Citrus. Lemon and orange. Her favourite. Her smile. Where was she? Did she find what she was looking for?

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