Corner of an old chateau somewhere in France, circa 2012

Corner of an old chateau somewhere in France, circa 2012

Writing Prompt No. 101

“What d’you think? White…or…blue?”

Taylor moved the tops underneath her face. “Here’s the white…here’s the blue. White or blue?”

“Taylor. I don’t care. Just hurry up and pick one. I need a drink.” Gillian leant against the tall mirrored wall.

“What’s up? I thought you wanted to come along?”

Gillian looked at her friend. “I did. I do. I don’t know.”

Taylor hung the tops back up on the rail.

“Just take them,” said Gillian.


“Take them.” Gillian looked around. “No one’s looking. The security guard went for lunch. I do this all the time.”

Taylor stared at her friend unable to fathom what the hell she was thinking.

“You’re saying I should steal them?”

“Ssshhh. Not so loud.” Gillian’s energy had picked up and was radiating around her body. “If they catch us, we run.”

Taylor hesitated. Her heart was beating out loud in her chest. She was sure everyone around could hear it.

“That woman keeps staring at us.”

“What woman?” said Gillian.

“THAT woman.” Taylor turned to face Gillian nodding and looking over her shoulder.

“She’s coming over,” said Gillian.

“Excuse me, so sorry to bother. Are you taking either of these?” The woman pointed to the two tops that Taylor had hung back on the rail.

Taylor looked at Gillian. She looked at the woman. With one swift movement she grabbed the tops and shouted, “RUN!”

She grabbed Gillian by the arm and pulled her as she ran out of the shop. The two girls ran stumbling and laughing until they were certain no one was behind them. They stopped and leant against each other trying to speak between short breaths and gasps.

“That was so bad,” said Taylor as she got her breath back. “And I loved it!”

Gillian pulled out a small bottle of vodka. “Here. I’ve mixed it,” she said. “You deserve it.”

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