Golden arches

The Golden Arches of Macdonalds, Vancouver, Canada 2018

The Golden Arches of Macdonalds, Vancouver, Canada 2018

Writing Prompt No. 96

The letter ‘M’

mingle, mangle, mad, mongoose, made, make, mock, millipede, mother, mum, minute, margarita, microphone, moisture, McDonalds, myth, magic, mystical, mist, mug, motor, moth, move, my, mine, more, movie, man, meat, meet, mooch, moon, mistake, mini, monster

The mongoose mingled with the party of magical millipedes.

My mother likes to make a margarita in one minute and then drink it in two.

A mist hung over Mcdonalds making my mug slippery with moisture.

The mythical MacDonalds moved south with their mothers to meet the magical mongoose that makes the misty mojitos.

A mug of mad monstrous millipedes must be moved.

A movie is made featuring a man, a moth, a microphone, some meat and her mother.

The man mocks me and my mum as we sit here sipping our homemade moreish margaritas.

We mooched by the mystical moon making lots of mini mistakes about our meeting.

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