Girl with stick

On the beach somewhere in France © Tanya Clarke 2015

On the beach somewhere in France © Tanya Clarke 2015

Writing Prompt No. 44

From the boat out at sea the island seemed small and inhospitable.

The land shaped by sharp granite that loomed dark and weighty above the shoreline. There was nothing there. No one. No thing. The sky hovered low, clouds sitting dark and heavy hiding the peaks of the mountains.

There was movement. Slight. Limbs moving with light speed from one spot to another. Hair swinging long, knitted into a complicated plait. The figure stepped across the ground making no mark in the sand. In their hand they carried a long stick. A spear. The figure disappeared into a crack in the rocks.

The boat rocked from side to side, a deep strong current caused them to drift further away from the island. In the distance a bird swooped then rested wings outstretched on the warm air that rose from the land. The figure emerged shielding their eyes from the sudden brightness of the sky above them. They walked down to the edge of the water still with their hand stopped against their eyebrows. From the boat they could see the stare from eyes that had never seen people before. The boat continued to rock and bob amongst the waves. Some were sick from the movement vomiting over the side. Fish swam up to the surface to take advantage of partly digested food.

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