Gap in the hedge

Steps up to a gap in the hedge © Tanya Clarke 2018

Steps up to a gap in the hedge © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 16

On Monday, the woman wore a pale blue jumper, the colour of the sky on a cool winter’s day.

It was soft and woolly and she stroked the sleeves while looking out of the window. She could just see who was coming and going through the gap in the tall hedge that grew along the bottom of the front garden.

On Tuesday, the woman wore bright red shiny shoes - she wore clothes too - but the shoes were new. They’d arrived the week before in a big box with the words, ‘Thanks for ordering!’ printed in a bright font spread right across the front. She stopped at the front door for just a moment to retrieve them.

On Wednesday, the woman’s outfit had yellow all through it in some way. Yellow in the pattern of her thin blouse, yellow in the stripe of her trousers, yellow in the logo sewn onto her plimsolls. She sat in her chair longing for something or someone. She wasn’t quite sure which.

On Thursday, it was the day of green. The woman wore a beautiful green jacket that she had worn and loved for many years. She paired it with wool tweed trousers that she’s bought the year before in a designer sale. The radio was on. A programme about figure-skating.

“It just shows that you’re never too old to learn.” said the presenter to an audience of daytime listeners.

Friday came and things were different for the woman. She wore a top and skirt she hadn’t worn for two months and Tuesday’s bright red shoes. She put her arms through Thursday’s green jacket and lifted it up, onto and over her shoulders. She had decided to leave the house with the gap in the hedge. She was going to take lessons in figure-skating.

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