Forest floor

Forest floor


A pinch of green broke through the dry brown leaves that lay scattered across the path.

New life after a hot summer. The air was cooling day by day, leaving us able to breathe more freely liberated from the invisible polluting particles that had choked our lungs. When we reached the end of the trail and climbed the wooden steps to the viewpoint, we were warm from our exertions. The lake swept out before us way into the horizon, meeting the base of mountains that rose dark and ominous from the water. We slung off our backpacks and dug around them for our water bottles. We opened them and drank and drank enjoying the cool water slipping down our dry throats, dribbling out from the corners of our mouths. We wiped our mouths in unison and gazed out at the view.

“Do you think it’s out there?” you said.

“Maybe,” I said.

“If you saw it right now, what would you do?”

“Grab my phone and start videoing of course!” I said, mimicking the stance of a celebrity photographer. “Nessie! Nessie! Over here, please! Jean West from Vogue, look this way!”

You laughed at me and took my hand and we stood there together. Your hand was warm and moist. We stood for a few minutes in silence as if in memory of someone we both loved. Then you picked me up pretending to throw me in the water. I screamed and a woman who was meditating not far away told us to SHUT UP. We grabbed our bags and giggling to ourselves clambered down the steps and followed the path back home.

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