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Los Angeles, USA 2007

Los Angeles, USA 2007


> Hi

: Hey! (hand wave emoji)

> What’re you up to?

: Oh, nothing really the usual.

: You?

> Shopping

: Oo nice. For you?

> Food

> And loo roll

: Oh (smiling emoji)


: The cat came back! (cat emoji)

> He did? When? Is he OK?

: Seems to be. 3 weeks he was gone.

: Little shit (poo emoji)

> Maybe he found someone else…

: He smells of someone else! He’s had an affair! (smiling emoji with squeezed shut eyes)

> Bloody cat

: He’s company. I can’t do much.

> Sorry.


> How’s it been?

: Boring


: Some days I want to kill myself (sad emoji)

> (wide eyed emoji)

> Don’t say things like that

: You would

> I wouldn’t


: I’m tired of everyone telling me to stay positive.

> I didn’t

: It doesn’t matter


> You still getting those pains?

: What do you mean?

> Your legs. You said you could feel them. Sense them, you said.

: Oh, yeah, sometimes, yeah, sometimes.


: It’s quiet out today

> When is Dad coming over?

: This afternoon.


: Dreading it (downcast emoji)

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