Flamingo, 2009

Flamingo, 2009


“Why are you looking at me?” says Luke, kicking his legs up into the air.

“I’m not,” says Theresa.

“You are. You keep looking at me.”

“Stop it you two.” Samantha eyes her two children in the rear view mirror.

“He started it.”

“All I can hear is the pair of you bickering. It’s distracting. I’m trying to drive.”


“What’s that?”


“That. Over there. Out the window.”

‘It’s a flamingo.”

“What’s a flamingo?”

“A bird.”

“It’s pink.”

“It is. It’s pink from all the pink food they eat.”

“That’s funny.”

“It’s true.”

“Why is it standing on one leg? Does it only have one leg?”

“I don’t know why they stand on one leg. Maybe the water’s cold.”

“They’re really strange.”

“They’re beautiful.”

“They are, aren’t they?”

“I’ve never seen them in our garden.”


“That’s because they don’t normally live here. They live somewhere hot.”

“I’ve got an itch,” says Luke.

“Scratch it then.”

Silence. Sniffing.

“Luke, use your tissue.”

“He lost it,” says Theresa.

“Did not.”

“You did. I saw you drop it.”

“Theresa. That’s not fair. It would’ve been kind to pick it up for him. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” says Luke.

“He’s so stupid.”

“He’s three. And you are older.”

“I’m six.”

“Yes. There you go. Older.”

“Where’s Daddy?” says Theresa.

“Daddy had to leave.”

“Where? Why did he have to?”

“Oh, you know, work. Something to do with work. But we’re going on an adventure! Just the three of us.”


“What’s an adventure?” says Luke.

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