Feathered veil

White peacock


The dragon arched his neck while lifting his head towards the sky.

His wings, long and feathered, reached out sweeping along the beach gathering sand in the finest of his feathered filaments. His tail, thick and muscular coiled around his body while he opened his mouth and howled a mournful sound that echoed through the small islands that lay scattered along the saltwater coastline.

The dragon’s feathers were a brilliant white that shimmered in the setting sun. He spent every day alone flying the islands looking for a mate searching for connection. His cry resonated along the surface of the water causing ripples that rose and fell before reaching the land. When the animal lifted its heavy body into the sky feathers dropped from the warm down that covered his breast. One feather was large enough to cradle a human baby.

The feathers were found and treasured for their warmth and comfort. yet they were rare now. The dragons were a dying breed. The universal forces that provided them with their strength and power were receding. A new force was taking shape, breeding and multiplying in their millions. Weak when on their own, humans were becoming stronger in their mass. They were taking the dragons down and killing them for their feathers.

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