Fantasy flyer

Museum store-room, London 2012

Museum store-room, London 2012


His small hands wrapped around the handlebars while his feet pumped the pedals.

Out in front of the house, his mother hosed down the car before beginning to water the row of pot plants that decorated the edge of the driveway. Lucas rode around and around in circles making the sounds of aircraft taking off, flying, landing. Once he’d landed and stopped, he pulled himself up and out of the tiny cockpit and brushed his hands together. His nappy was full, bulging down between his legs, stretching at the bottom of his trousers. Caroline knew she should be training him to use the grown-up loo. God knows, her mother had told her enough times.

Things had become so much easier now he was a toddler. The baby stage had been so hard. She wasn’t a baby mother. She was devoted to the care and love of her own baby but she didn’t crumble with the joy of other people’s as other women did. But watching Lucas circle the garden, seeing him begin to navigate his own way about the world, one small step at a time, made her heart lurch with love. This was where she wanted to be forever.

The water filled the pots seeping into the cracks of dried out soil until it overflowed and made rivulets along the ground. As the water reached her feet, Caroline's thoughts turned to the garden. Lucas stumbled towards her crying and rubbing a grubby hand across his face. A thin smudge of blood smeared around his nose, mouth and chin. The noise caught her attention, bringing her sharply out from her daydream.

Lucas? What’s happened? Did you fall?

Lucas hurried towards her holding out his hand. In the middle of his pudgy palm lay two tiny broken front teeth.

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