Hotel room, Whistler 2019

Hotel room, Whistler 2019


Sandra lay staring at the ceiling wondering how she got there.

The duvet was soft and luxurious and feathered tucking in around the curves of her body. She’d woken early to the sounds of the morning. The chatter of tiny birds. The night shift heading home. Bin collection.

This was not her life, where she should be. She worked hard, harder than most, of course, but did she deserve this? Lying here under the lightest, warmest most expensive bed-linen her skin had ever touched.

She rolled on to her side and reached over the side of the bed to where her bag lay on the floor. Her fingers felt for her cigarettes. She rolled back up and used her elbows to prop herself up to sitting. She tapped a cigarette out of the packet along with the lighter she tended to keep there and placed a cigarette between her lips. As she lifted her head she caught sight of the smoke alarm above her. No smoking. She pushed back the duvet, pulled a sweatshirt over her head and made for the balcony door. As she rolled it back a sharp whip of cold air caught her by surprise. Despite the morning sun, it was cold out.

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