Evening light

House, 2019

House, 2019


A sharp corner of sunset light leaves a triangle on the porch wall.

The neighbour’s house across the street lays empty for the sixth month in a row. Katy leans against the wall and takes a sip of her long-awaited gin and tonic. The ice cubes clink together as she lifts the glass. Her day has been long and arduous. A man with an amputated leg needs a new protective cuff. He is young and angry left broken after a war he shouldn’t have been fighting. An alcoholic mother, single, struggling to pay her bills, worrying that her three kids will be taken away from her. Wanting to kick the booze. A teen with psoriasis that covers his torso, all of it brought on by stress. Stress inflicted by parents who push him out of bed at five every morning to study, before driving him to the private school they can ill-afford.

Katy swishes the lemon slice around her drink with her finger. She wanted this. She wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives. But most of the time her day is filled by the weight of admin and paperwork.

She steps back into her home. The sudden warmth of the central heating makes her head soften. Tiredness overcomes her. All she wants now is to sleep.

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