End of winter

River water


When the car hit the water the impact forced the shopping from the back seat to slam into the front.

A dozen eggs, full-fat milk, three packets of chocolate digestives and a box of tea-bags. Paula’s final thought was, “Shit. Now all my eggs are broken.”

The water filled the car up fast pouring in through the passenger window. She’d forgotten to close it when she’d gone into Safeway. Her hair floated around her head like a tiny seaweed forest, rippling and drifting. Once the car had taken enough weight it began to tip and sink into the rush of the river.

There wasn't anyone else. Just a deer that ran straight into the road as the car rounded the bend. A cry. Slow motion. A sharp intake of breath as the car hit a tree and spun into the water.

She had so much more to do in life. Not that she knew it then. Her arms hung suspended in the water, her thin blouse billowing around her. She hadn’t clipped her seat-belt in, hadn’t waited for the click. No air-bags. The car was too old.

When they find her they’ll find the half drunk bottle of vodka in the glove compartment. She’d finished her last shift. Now it was all over.

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