End of the roll

Chesterman beach, Vancouver Island 2018

Chesterman beach, Vancouver Island 2018


Andy held the strip of film up to the light.

Ten negative images framed within a translucent length of coated plastic. The final picture was punctured by two tiny holes and a batch number sticker interrupted the landscape he’d spent hours waiting for.

He’d watched the weather for a month and spent several days waiting for the fog to develop enough that the solid forms of walls, trees and rocks faded back into a ghosted haze. Making the photograph took only seconds but the preparation meant days sometimes weeks of organisation.

Andy held a magnifying loupe over each frame interrogating the images for good tonal range, appealing composition and compelling subject matter. Yet that final image was the one that drew his eye the most. He was irritated by its imperfections. He touched the plastic surface leaving a speck of dust behind. This one. He would print this one first.

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