Empty trolley

An empty trolley, West Vancouver © Tanya Clarke 2018

An empty trolley, West Vancouver © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 9

She pulls at the first one in the line outside the superstore.

The wheels are caught up with the one in front. She gives it a tug. Something sticky lines the handle and covers her fingers. She wrinkles her nose and tries to wipe her hands on her jacket.

-No. Not the jacket. Jeans. No. Not the jeans.

She digs around in her bag and finds an old used tissue. It’ll have to do.

She moves the sticky handled trolley out of the way and pulls at the next one in line. It wheels out smoothly. She picks out the empty crisp packet and half full juice carton and tosses them both in the nearby bin. She’s about to push into the shop when something catches her eye. A small folded piece of paper flutters in the breeze, stuck to one of the front wheels. She bends down and peels off the piece of paper.

You know where to find me. 15 min parking lot. Meet me in 10 mins.

The message is typed, each letter leaving a slight indentation in the paper. The letter ‘w’ is very faint. She runs her fingers over the lettering.

-No one uses a typewriter now. Do they?

She folds the message back up and moves to toss it in the bin along with the rest of the rubbish from the trolley. She hesitates. The scream that comes next pierces the air and shakes her body.

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