Pop up drive-in showing Mary Poppins, Brighton UK © Tanya Clarke 2015

Pop up drive-in showing Mary Poppins, Brighton UK © Tanya Clarke 2015

Writing Prompt No. 23

When I think of a drive-in I think of the movie ‘Grease’.

Or any North American high school movie come to think of it, where the people and place couldn’t have been more different to my high school experience at a boarding school in England. I liked the idea of being Olivia Newton-John with that big curly hair and the black tight trousers and high heels - her transformation outfit at the end of the film.

My mum said she used to try and curl her hair so it flipped up at the ends. It never did. She used to straighten her long hair by ironing it between a towel on a table or maybe it was on the ironing board. I don’t know. I had an eyeshadow duo that she gave to me when I was about nine. Maybe ten years old. She no longer wanted it so passed it on to me. A small green plastic case. Inside were two colours, one a light blue shimmery shade, the other a deeper sea-green turquoise. I liked both. I liked to smudge my finger across each one and dab it gently on my eyelids. I kept it for ages.

When, at aged eleven, I went to my first school dance, I remember exactly what I wore. Jeans with a slight flare, a pale blue sweatshirt, my hair in two bunches (high bunches), long dangly earrings (which I’d bought with my pocket money the week before) and my trainers which I think were Adidas. I carried a small purse I’d made from an off-cut of fabric, purple corduroy and I’d sewn green sequins on the from spelling out the word ‘Disco’. I wish I still had it. I loved disco.

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