Disembodied hair

One of those doll’s heads, circa 2012

One of those doll’s heads, circa 2012


Clara crept up the staircase with enormous care.

Each time she rested a socked foot on a step, she waited for any tiny creak, any sound that might wake the baby that lay sleeping in the bedroom at the top of the stairs. The baby’s older, toddler sister was snoring in the room next door. Gentle snores that rumbled through her nose and mouth. She coughed and there was a rustle of sheets as she turned over.

Clara moved up the staircase trying to be as quiet as she could. She peered into the sister’s room. The curtains were open and light from the streetlamp lit the room with a buzzing orange glow. She moved across the floor and pulled them over the window. The sleeping girl turned her face away from her, a drool of saliva glistening down her chin.

Clara left the room and stepped quietly along the landing to where the baby was sleeping. She peered into the room in the direction of the cot.

A dark shape rested on the chest of drawers in the corner. Long hair hung down dark and tangled over the face and shoulders of a disembodied head. Clara was frozen in fright where she stood. Her heart thumped and adrenaline spiked through her body. The baby let out a cry as she turned and settled back down to sleep.

The head didn’t move. Clara stepped forward as she fumbled in her back pocket for her phone. She swiped from the bottom of the screen, both hands shaking. She tapped the torch icon and a cold, hard light shone out at the corner of the room. There it was. The head like she’d never seen it before.

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