Diorama No.2

Sea Lion diorama in the Los Angeles County Museum 2008 © Tanya Clarke

Sea Lion diorama in the Los Angeles County Museum 2008 © Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 60

My Dear Felix,

It’s been ten long weeks since my return and I am missing the lonely sweeping landscape of the tundra. I thought cutting my hair would save me from being revealed as a woman. Alas, it was not to be. I am hurt and angry that my sex does not allow me the same freedoms that a man enjoys. I hope soon this nonsense will stop.

I have been developing the sheets of film I returned with smuggled about my person. The layers of clothing one must endure can be helpful for some things. Some of the sheets became a little bent in my corset but they are the most beautiful photographs. My favourite, I must confess, is of the magnificent sea lion. Such a creature! I have never seen such a thing. So large and powerful. I must admit to being worried at our close proximity. He seemed to enjoy being observed. Do you recall how he held his head up? His nose to the sky. Such pride.

You will see soon, my love, on your return all the wonderful pictures of light you and I created together. I hope you are safe and this letter reaches you in a short time.

I often wonder where you are, if you’re sound, if you’re making the work you so deserve to do.

Mother is coming to stay next week. I am dreading it so. She, of course, will comment on my hair and then will spend many hours deliberating the cost to my marriageable status. If only she knew!

Soon my love, oh, my love, we will be together once more.

Yours truly,

Edith Mae

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