Desert road

Desert road


“Head down. Don’t let them see you,” he said throwing a sweatshirt over me.

I slid down the hot vinyl seat pulling the sweatshirt over my head. “They’re coming. I see them up ahead. Keep down.”

My fingers felt along the rib of the sweatshirt before I pulled it further down over me. The air was hot underneath the fleece lined fabric, the mixture of polyester and cotton heating every breath I took. perspiration began to bead on my upper lip. The window shut beside me with a low electric hum sucking into the rubber seal at the top of the door.

I breathed out, counting to ten in my head. have they gone? I wanted to ask. I pushed down the hoody over my right eye looking for a clue. A line of lights pulsated across the windscreen. I counted them. ten. Always ten. Why was I counting?

A car passed us going in the opposite direction. He swore and braked hard. I fell forward, slipping into the footwell, my back jammed up against the edge of the seat.

The car turned. I could smell the sweat from his body, a body that hadn’t washed in days. I threw down the pullover and tried to heave myself up back onto the seat. He stamped his foot on the accelerator. The speed and motion threw me back into my seat. The blood drained from my face and I slipped into a faint.

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