Californian desert, US, 2016

Californian desert, US, 2016


Every morning at five Rachel stepped out of her front door into the desert.

She liked to run 10k before breakfast when it was cool and quiet and calm. As she set off, the chill in the air caused the hairs along her forearms to prickle and rise. It would take a few minutes for her body too warm. She rubbed at her arms and kicked her feet up high behind her. Her warm breath condensed into tiny clouds in front of her. She was aiming for a good time this morning.

A movement high above her caught her eye. An eagle soared enjoying the warm currents in the clear sky. The ground was crisp and dry under her feet. She checked her heart-rate and began to pick up her pace. In the far distance there moved a thin line of traffic on the highway. Any sound was swallowed up by the vast expanse that surrounded her.

Rachel’s muscles were beginning to warm giving her more speed. She was strong today. Her arms pumped up and down beside her, driving her on like pistons in an engine. She’ll run further today.

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