On the ferry across to Vancouver island


Megan turned away from the bright light that bounced off the water.

She'd forgotten her sunglasses. She turned the brightness up to full-on her phone screen. Nina stood next to her, her thumbs moving rapidly across her phone screen.

“Can you see in this light?’ said Megan squinting. “It’s so bright it’s making my head hurt.”

“What’s that?” said Nina not looking up.

“Mum is texting. She spoken to you?”

Nina’s head is bowed, chin pulled back, eyes fixed on her phone which she holds a few centimetres from her face.

“Nina?” said Megan.

“Uh-huh.” Nina’s acknowledgement emanates from her mouth on a silent breath.

“Never mind,” said Megan as she slips her phone into her bag.

“Let’s get a selfie,” said Nina grabbing hold of her sister in a sudden whip of energy and flinging her arm around her waist. “Turn a bit this way so we get a bit of light on our faces. Remember not to show all your teeth.”

“Thanks for the reminder,” said Megan with a hint of sarcasm.

“Just want you to look your best.”

Nina levelled her phone at their faces and turns her head, a well-practised smile crosses over her lips. Meghan starts to laugh, showing all of her teeth.

“Meghan! Stop! Oh for God’s sake.”

“What’s wrong?” said Meghan stifling her laughter. “Is it my teeth?”

“Nothing. Not much anyway.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Nina looked at her sister and sighed.

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