Cool passion




“Okay, so what’ve we got here? Wall’s ice-cream? Nadia, can you take us through this?”

“Please,” said Nadia.

“I’m sorry?”


“I don’t have time for this, Nadia. Just get on with it.” Tristan breathed out through his teeth making a whistling sound.

Nadia opened her notebook turning to a page littered with her loopy, curling handwriting. Tristan drummed his fingers on the table. Nadia coughed and took a gulp of water.

“So,” she said, “we were thinking, what does ice-cream mean to us? Holidays, kids, laughter, fun. So we’re going for inspirational photography, family connection. Parents giving the gift of ice-cream. A treat but an everyday one. We want them to sell, after all.”

Tristan yawned. Nadia continued.

“Available to everyone. Inclusive of gender and, or, ethnicity.”

“These photos are pretty average,” said Tristan, shuffling the stack of ink-jet prints Nadia had given him.

Nadia pressed on.

“We’ve come up with a couple of strap-lines we think work pretty well. White font on red. Plain, sans serif, all upper-case. We have COOL PASSION as one.” Nadia pushed over a print-out of Nigel’s design. “And PURE ENERGY as another.” Nadia pushed over the second design.

“Is this their logo now?” said John.

“Christ, John. It’s been that for years,” said Tristan.

“Has it? Christ. Where have I been?” John tapped his lips with his pen.

“In the pub,” said Nadia without skipping a beat. “When are you going to give me your job, anyway,” she said looking over at Tristan. “I’m guessing we’re done here,” she said getting up to leave.

“Done here,” said John, “Yes.”

Tristan flicked a chewed up biro lid at Nadia as she left the room. The door slammed behind her and the pen lid fell to the floor.

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