Vancouver Island, 2019

Vancouver Island, 2019


The sun was warm on her face as she sat holding a cup of coffee trying to cool it with her breath.

She crossed one leg over the other and a pink flip-flop dangled from between her toes. A crow perched on a thick wire overhead was cawing at its mate. She turned towards it with one eye closed and the other squinting into the sun.

The bird reached out its wings and dropped from the wire diving fast towards her. She squealed and ducked covering her head with her folded arms while the crow snatched the half-eaten doughnut from the table along with the napkin it was wrapped in. The crow flew back up to the wire overhead with its treasure.

"Dammit," she said. "What the hell?" She twisted around herself seeking someone, anyone. But no one else was there. The concourse of the petrol station across the road was empty. The man in the shop was stacking bottles of water into the fridge, his view of her hidden behind a pile of empty cardboard boxes.

A warm, brown liquid was now dripping over the side of the table onto her new white jeans. She frowned, dabbing at the growing patch of coffee stain with the sleeve of her sweatshirt. A piece of hair slid out from her ponytail and hung in front of her eyes.

"Dammit," she said again. She sighed and peered into her cup. She settled back into her chair. There was still some left. She closed her eyes in the warmth of the sun.

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