Candy floss

Making candy floss, Mallorca 2014

Making candy floss, Mallorca 2014


After a few minutes, the spinning sugar had formed into a large pink cloud wrapped around a thin stick.

Tom’s eyes glittered with delight as the sweet treat was handed to him. He stuck his fingers into the magical confection and pulled out soft strands. The sugar melted a little in the warmth of his fingers leaving a sticky smudge which he lost no time in licking clean.

Stay under the umbrella! His mother said. The rain will make it disappear faster than you can say it.

Candy floss. Candy floss, he said, giggling as the sugar melted on his tongue.

The fair arrived every year setting up in the local park. Swinging chairs turned in a carousel, a ship tipped up and down, dodgem cars buzzed around a small rink, an electric hum vibrated in the air. Tom was too young for most of them.

You’re not tall enough yet, they said.

His sister had disappeared off with her friends drinking cider behind the travellers’ caravans. Tom’s mother knew this but decided to turn a blind eye.

I’m turning a blind eye to that, she said.

Tom wondered what she meant. She plucked out a small piece of his candy floss when he wasn’t looking.

No! he said, turning back to see her popping it into her mouth.

He smiled and patted her hand away when she tried to reach for more.

Get your own! He said.

I might, she said, laughing her warm mother laugh.

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