Cabin in the woods, Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver © Tanya Clarke 2018

Cabin in the woods, Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver © Tanya Clarke 2018

Writing Prompt No. 36

He stopped and curled his toes in the earth.

The soil felt cool and grainy and soft all at the same time. He started running again, the dog joining in, jumping and barking, tongue hanging out pink and slobbery. As if lying in wait, a tiny sliver of wood from the pile of sawdust found the boy’s soft heel. It sank itself all the way into the flesh after piercing the skin. The boy squealed and fell to the ground grabbing his foot with both hands, pulling it as close to his face as he could. A tiny black dot marked the top of the splinter. he ran his finger over the top wincing at the sensation, every nerve alert and fired up by the sudden intruder.

He tried to stand up hobbling onto one leg. Using the ball of his injured foot to bear weight, he hopped, walked, limped over to the window of the cabin. His mother wasn’t there he remembered. She’d gone to get some shopping. He pushed open the door to the cabin all along hopping, limping trying not to put pressure on his heel. He sat down heavily onto a chair and lifted his foot up for further inspection. He ran his fingers again over the black dot. He pursed his lips and scrunched his eyes, grimacing from the pain. He tried to nip his fingernails around the nub of the splinter but they had no length above his fingers. He’d bitten them too far down. He rubbed around the splinter where the skin was beginning to look red and swollen.

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