Bunny dove

Taxidermy, 2018

Taxidermy, 2018


After spending some minutes tapping and pushing at the smooth shell with the point of its sharp beak, the baby bunny dove finally emerged.

A large piece of shell rolled off its head as it stepped and wobbled out into the warm comfort of its nest. It gave its head a shake and its two long ears flapped around its head.

The baby bunny dove twitched its nose and it stretched out its tiny young wings. Its mother flew into the tree where the nest was positioned and perched on the edge.

“Who are you?” she said with a chirrup. The baby bunny dove looked up at his mother his large eyes blinking in the bright light.

“Mama,” he said, in a tiny voice.

“Your head isn’t right,” she said, leaning forward to inspect the strange youth that was occupying her nest.

She bent closer and took in his scent. He smelt like her. There was something in his wobble that reminded her of her other babies. But those ears! Where did they come from? And the nose? And the whiskers?

Baby bunny dove wobbled and plopped down into the middle of the nest. He had been late hatching and his brothers and sisters had already flown the nest. There was a fluffy ball of feathers that he sat in and he closed his eyes, his ears lying flat against his head. His nose twitched. His mother hopped down beside him and snuggled up to his young warm body.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll look after you. Whoever you are.”

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