Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour, Seattle 2018

Bill Spiedel’s Underground Tour, Seattle 2018


The staircase dropped at a steeper angle than usual.

Christian jogged down each step with a light hop. He flicked the light switch on and a single bulb glowed in the darkness. The object he’d picked up in the desert rested on a small table in the corner. He picked it up turning it over in his hands. The smooth surface was cool to the touch. As he held it, thin feelers slid out from each side, moving as if testing the atmosphere around it. It wasn’t stone but a hard shell.

“How’re you today?” he said, stroking the shell while holding it close up to his face. “You’ve grown a little since yesterday.” He placed the alien animal back down on the table where it began to make a clicking sound which vibrated through its shell. “You’re not the first.” Christian walked over to a glass case where he stored his collection of objects of interest that he’d found in the dusty landscape. Five more sat inside behind the glass lined up in a row along the middle shelf. “Those ones haven’t moved in a year.”

He sat down on the broken sofa and tapped his tongue against the roof of his mouth. He glanced over at the small table. Several seconds passed before he realised the creature he’d found had disappeared.

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