In an old church somewhere in France, circa 2012

In an old church somewhere in France, circa 2012

Writing Prompt No. 105

The dark smudge on the wall was getting larger every day.

A damp blemish on an otherwise perfect surface. Helen was un-nerved by its ever-increasing size. She placed the palm of her hand on the mark and the cool moist surface surprised her every time. It was summer and hot. The walls absorbed the warmth of the day leaving behind the rough dark area.

After a week Helen passed by again. Once more she lay her palm against the wall feeling the moisture collecting underneath her hand. A sense of something appeared over her shoulder. She turned around to see an apparition without any clear focused outline. The apparition of a young girl, blurry, moving as if in slow motion. Her every step seemed to locate her on a separate time line. Helen was transfixed by the image in front of her.

She called out.

“Hello?” she said.

There was a pause. The young girl lifted her head and turned moving in a deliberate slow manner. She was speaking now but no words rang out in the space. She turned her head back. She had an object in her hand. The girl turned again to Helen holding the camera up to her eye. Helen remained quite still as the girl removed an instant paper photograph from the bottom of the camera. She shook it in the air and dropped it to the floor where it fell at Helen’s feet. Helen bent down to pick it up. The girl was gone. The photograph revealed in time a portrait of Helen, not in focus, being consumed by a darkness that was creeping up behind her.

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