Hallowe’en, circa 2012

Hallowe’en, circa 2012


The bats flicked their wings as they searched out the gloom of the cave where they would rest away from the daylight.

Veronica rubbed at her ankle. There were tiny dots of blood where something small and sharp had bitten her. She found an old tube of Benadryl and rubbed a large blob into the red teeth marks. DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN - the instructions read. Veronica tossed the tube aside and pulled her sock up over her ankle.

The bats in the cave were loud as they hustled for space.

Veronica was only here because of her brother. Some research project in South America. She’s fancied a holiday. Somewhere different. She sipped at the coffee she’d made earlier and looked out at the sunrise.

The research team were away for three days trekking through the hot, humid forest to find the cave.

A flush of heat radiated out from her chest and flooded her body. She tucked her fingers into the neck of her t-shirt and shook the fabric around her. She scratched at the marks on her ankle. The bite was swelling the skin and beginning to turn it purple. Her head began to pulsate with the sensation of blood pumping through the veins and arteries of her brain. She dropped her cup on the floor where it shattered into several pieces splashing hot coffee over her foot. Her back began to itch. She felt around to her shoulder blades where thin unfamiliar bones protruded.

“V?” said her mother coming out onto the balcony. “Are you alright?”

V turned and stretched out two fine papery wings. A high-pitched sound of sonar was all that she could utter from her mouth.

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