Angel wings

In Venice, Los Angeles 2007

In Venice, Los Angeles 2007


“…three four five six seven eight nine ten…ready or not, I’m coming...”

Edie opened her eyes and spun around from where she was standing. Silence. Her friend Thomas had vanished. Excitement grew in Edie’s body. Hide-and-seek was her favourite game. They’d been playing for an hour, their faces becoming flushed with the promise of adventure. Edie ran along the street turning corners, peering behind bins, opening doors she shouldn’t. After ten minutes or so she hadn’t found her friend. The muscles in her forehead contracted to form shallow vertical burrows.

“Thomas? Where are you?” She looked up and down the street while calling in a sing-song voice. She stopped and waited to listen for his voice to say, “I’m here!” But there was no sound no familiar voice.

Edie’s lips pursed into a tight horizontal line.

“Where is he?” she said to herself.

An idea popped into her head and she darted off down the narrow street that crossed her path. Up ahead was the winged palm tree. The year before someone with a sense of humour tied a pair of white angel wings to the bare trunk using an old piece of green tinsel. They were still there a year later. No one knew who had done it for sure but most suspected Noah, the eccentric man who lived on his own in a house full of stuff he’d been collecting for over twenty-five years.

Edie was scared of him. The tree stood outside his house. Her footsteps slowed as she approached the tree, slowing almost to a stop. Something wasn’t quite right. Her fingers tingled as a rush of fight or flight raced through her body. Thomas liked to hide in a small hedge near the tree. Not every time but maybe he was there today. Edie crept up to the hedge and bobbed down confident she would find him crouched in the open space underneath. He wasn’t there. A small sound a groan caught her attention. She stood and looked around. There it was again up high above her head. She raised her chin bending her neck back until it ached. There was Thomas dangling tied against the palm tree high by the angel wings.

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