An opening

Falkirk, Scotland. Photograph by Tanya Clarke

Falkirk, Scotland. Photograph by Tanya Clarke

Writing Prompt No. 83

Some see it as a place of freedom.

Freedom to pass through unimpeded to a new place. Others see it as a place to gate; a gap that needs to be filled. Somewhere that needs protection. Maybe there is no easy answer. Freedom is often abused by those that have no respect for humanity. Some feel that a protected gate creates fear and insecurity.

The government is no longer in the best position.

The lies, the scandals, the despair serves no purpose. Mutiny, a rebellion is in the air, rushing through the land whipping people up in its path.

Is that right? Will this help in this land that prides itself on liberation?

The trains will be where they move everyone from North to South. Slowly they will move. They think they are travelling to a better place but in secret, they are moved elsewhere. Shipped to where warriors are needed to where the rebellion will take place.

All those aged between seventeen and twenty-five are those on the front line. The young, the strong, male and female. Schools are changing. The doctrine is now in force. No one knows how fast this is happening. The changing of democracy, the shifting from freedom of speech.

And all from one person’s thinking about a gap in the wall.

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