Alleyway in Lahaina, Maui 2019

Alleyway in Lahaina, Maui 2019


The dog ran fast and hard down the narrow alleyway.

He knew where he was going hiding from the others who were chasing him. The alleyway was dark and narrow. His body banged against old pipework that snaked its way down the side of the building.

The moonlight picked out the street that was emerging at the other end. He skidded around the corner the power and speed of his legs almost overtaking his body. The pack that was so close behind him had gone quiet. The barking had stopped. All he could hear was the thrum of paws echoing through the space behind him.

The street he found himself in was wider, brighter with street lamplight but quiet. People were in their homes getting on with their evenings alone or together. He used to have a home. A place with a family that loved him.

When the man returned, having been away for months, he kicked out at the dog and locked him outside. In the darkness and rain, the dog whimpered at the door until he realised that he was outside for good. The back gate was ajar just wide enough for him to slip through into the suburban street. He turned to see the family through the windows, the man shouting at the woman, the boy’s face pressed up against the glass his eyes searching in the gloom for his friend.

The dog walked away from the family. He walked and walked reaching the wildness of the city where the dogs roamed in packs, intimidating and ferocious. People who had once loved their dogs were locking them out of their houses. Something odd was happening here.

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