All that's left

In Los Angeles, USA 2007

In Los Angeles, USA 2007


“There’s some down here, not much, but it’s something.”

Aya double-backed on herself to where Paul’s voice was coming from. She walked up to him scanning the aisle as she went. Loo roll, tissues, kitchen towel, washing products, bin-bags.

“Well, what do you need exactly?’ she said picking up a four pack of double-sheet paper towel and squeezing it.

“Just something to block up the hole. Stop the water from getting through,” said Paul.

Aya tapped the packet before slinging it back onto the shelf.

“I don’t think this is going to work. It’ll just get soggy and make more of a mess.” Aya’s eyes hovered over the shelves on the other side. “Where is everyone anyway?”

Paul kneed a packet of loo rolls, flicked and kicked it up behind his body. He caught it with his hand and placed it back on the shelf next to a selection of seasonal goods.



“Where is everyone?”

The concern in Aya’s voice caused Paul to stop and look about. The lights flickered out plunging the furthest corners of the supermarket into semi-darkness. Aya ran her hand along the shelf bumping her fingers up and over the plastic price tags.

“So weird,” she said.

There was a bang at the door, the sound of a fist against toughened glass. Aya stuck her head around the end of the aisle.

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