A windy day

A windy day on the South Downs, UK © Tanya Clarke 2014

A windy day on the South Downs, UK © Tanya Clarke 2014

Writing Prompt No. 18

I have this irrational fear that I will die drowning in a tsunami.

I have no idea where this comes from. Someone once told me that drowning is in fact a very quiet event. That the effort required in trying to keep above the water leaves little energy for shouting for help.

This photograph of long hair being whipped up and around by a strong wind reminds me of how hair can look in water. It reminds me of lying in the bath with my head under the water and sensing my hair rise up to float upon the surface.

I heard a programme the other day on the radio describing a couple who train people to hold their breath for an exceptionally long time under water. And not just free divers. The record is eleven minutes. Eleven minutes! This seems interminable.

I’m not afraid of water although I was ten years old by the time I learnt to swim properly. I was able to swim about under the water but for some reason had trouble staying afloat.

I fell in the fish pond in my grandmother’s garden aged about two. My grandmother saw me fall in as she happened to look out of the window at the same time. She ran out into the garden to pull me out. I don’t really remember it. Only a sense of an image of fish swimming around me and bits of plant life tangling in my hair. The strangest feeling I have about it was that I wasn’t afraid.

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