A painting

Two pheasants on a teapot


As the car rounded the bend something ran out from the hedge straight into the front wheels of the car.

Carol stopped the car, foot on the brake almost standing up on the pedal with the effort of stopping the car as fast as she could. The sickening thump made her heart race and vomit rise up the back of her throat. The engine stalled and the car spluttered to a halt in the middle of the road. She flicked on the hazard lights and got out of the car. Adrenalin pumped through her body at the thought of what she might find.

The road was quiet. The tops of the trees rustled in a gentle breeze. There was no one about. No one witnessed the screech of brakes, the thump of something alive against the wheels of the car.

Carol walked around to the front peering at the wheels looking for signs of a life squashed on the road or stuck under a tyre. Nothing. She stood and looked around, a deep frown forming in her brow. A movement in the hedge to her left caught her eye. She turned towards the sound. There it was again. Step by step she walked over to the hedge as the shuffling noise continued. She screamed with fright as something round and brown and feathered screeched and ran out in front of her and disappeared into the field across the road. A pheasant. A bloody pheasant.

Carol leaned against the bonnet of her car. A bloody pheasant. Of all the things. She walked around, got back into her car and drove away.

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